Do things that don’t scale

By Philipp / On


Hey <Imagine your name was here>,

You remember I used Huginn to build an MVP, right?

“Yeah, right. Now that you mention it…”

I set up the basics and onboarded myself to get job offers for a hand full of categories to verify that everything was working. With that I now knew how much effort it is to bring customers onto the platform and how long each one would take.

This is important, because I decided to have no web interface for the product. Users would need to be onboarded by myself. Changes to their preferences? Yep, also me.

“Wow, but that doesn’t scale at all man!”

It doesn’t and that’s fine. In the beginning you should be doing things that don’t scale. Why should you do it? Because you can get to results faster. This allows you to just skip the work it would’ve taken to find an automated solution to achieve two things:

1. As I pointed out in the previous post: You get in front of customers faster. That means you find out what people really want.
2. You avoid the rabbit hole of premature optimization.

“Can you elaborate some more?”

Sure. Premature optimization in this context means you anticipate customer problems and find elegant ways to solve them, only to find that customers don’t have that problem or need a slightly different solution.

“I see. So you do stuff by hand until you can’t anymore?”

Exactly! By doing that you either notice that this one task you thought was so important to implement only comes up once a week and you’re comfortable to continue doing it by hand. Or you notice that it takes up so much time, that you have no other choice but to automate it.

“That’s good advice.”

You know what? Although I wanted to talk about the launch of the freelance job alerts service, I think this is a good place to end this post. I’ll get to it next time!


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