The Micro-SaaS journey lies ahead

By Philipp / On

“Hey, how’s it going man?”

Hey <imagine I put your name here>,

My name is Philipp. I recently decided to embark on a personal journey to build a Micro-SaaS side-project. In my day job I’m working as a Product Manager in a startup in Berlin, Germany. I got into this role fairly recently. Coming from an engineering manager role, I needed to catch up with product.

“Alright, why’d you change?”

Well, I wanted to move away from pure technology and people management towards working on something bigger. I wanted more impact on the product and to collaborate with all the departments in our company.

“You changed, and then what?”

I love learning new things. I’m a proverbial sponge that needs to absorb knowledge on a daily basis. In preparing for Product Management I started to look for literature and podcasts I could listen to when walking my dog.
I stumbled upon /Product People/ by Justin Jackson; a podcast where he interviews product leaders. A handful of episodes in I realized it was more about Bootstrappers hitting it big in the 2010s than about Product Managers working for other people. I was intrigued. There are many stories about single founders who started small and oftentimes stayed small – compared to the bigger fish in Silicon Valley that is.

Some were even content to just earn a healthy living and not grow too much beyond that. How about that?

“Yeah, that’s called Micro-SaaS”

You’re right. Tyler Tringas is the person to coin the term.
This is where it gets interesting. No need for a co-founder, nor venture capital. Something I can do on the side with minimal risk. Where do I have to sign up?
I know how to program, I am eager to learn all the things I don’t yet know and I am willing to put in the time and work it takes to make the slow and incremental climb. My goal is to reach around $5k in MRR (monthly recurring revenue) to make the plunge to working full-time on my business.

“What’s your motivation?”

I want to have full control over the product I’m creating. Every mistake I make is mine. There’s something very real on the line and this is the way I learn best.
Freedom to choose where to work from and who to collaborate with is another big one for me. Home office is not really accepted where I work and getting super excited about someone else’s idea is not that easy either.

“All good and well, but why should I care exactly?”

I’m guessing you’re in the same boat as I am. You want to break free from employment and work on your thing in your own way.
Journeys are best enjoyed together and maybe you can benefit from a couple of learnings I had or mistakes I made. This goes both ways of course.
Let’s just go on this journey together. Shall we?

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